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General Dentistry

Dental Crowns

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown-Lower Molar -$100

Stainless Steel Crown

Prefabricated Stainless Steel Crown (typically used on baby teeth)  $500

Zirconia CrownsZirconia Crowns-Lower Molar -$1100

Gold Crown

Gold Crown-$1200

Posterior Teeth Dental Crowns

Cast High Noble Metal Crown

Cast High Noble Metal Crown-$1200

Lingual Metal-Facial Porcelain PFM

Lingual Metal-Facial Porcelain-$1100

Lingual Metal-Facial Porcelain Inside

Lingual Metal-Facial Porcelain Inside-$1100

Posterior Gold Crown

Posterior Gold Crown-$1200

Anterior Crowns

6 Anterior Crowns

6 Anterior Crowns-$6000

3 Anterior Crowns

3 Anterior Crowns-$3000

Anterior Zirconia Crown

Anterior Zirconia Crown-$1200

Anterior Zirconia Implant Crown

Anterior Zirconia Implant Crown- $1300

Premolar Dental Crowns

PFM premolar crown

Premolar PFM Crown-$1200

Premolar Dental Crown

Premolar Dental Crown-$1200

premolar crown

Zirconia crown

premolar crown

Zirconia crown

anterior crowns

anterior crown

anterior e-max crown facial view

anterior crown

anterior e-max crown lingual view

PFM crown

Upper PFM crown

PFM crown

upper anterior PFM crown lingual 

Dental crowns

molar crown

Molar crown

premolar crown

Premolar crown

Zirconia crown

anterior crown

anterior crown

Anterior crown