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We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

1. Where are you located?

We are located just south of the Gallaria mall and across from Jesuit high School in North Dallas 

1. Do you take HMO or Medicaid insurance?

Unfortunately our office does not accept HMO or medicaid insurance,we do take most PPO insurances and some discount plans

1. How much do you charge for a tooth extraction?

We charge roughly $200 for an extraction but price could vary depending on complexicity of case

1. How often can i whiten my teeth?

professionally done teeth whitening can be can be done maybe once or twice a year, at home whitening systems can be done daily for up to 2 weeks, the best advise is to listen to your teeth, if you teeth are very sensitive at whatever point of treatment than its likely time to take a break from whitening your teeth for several weeks or till when the sensitivity has gone away

1.how much do you charge for a new patient exam?

new patient exam for insurance patient is typically covered by insurance at 100 percent so no charge on patient, new patient exam from a cash patient is typically $100, minus treament on cleanings

1. How much are implants ?

for a single implant, including implant, abutment and crown is roughly $3000

1.How much are braces or aligners?

braces or aligners are roughly $4400 including retainers

1.Why are my teeth sensitive ?

teeth sensitivity can be caused by too much whitening, receding gums,  traumatic brushing, or acidic diet leading to tooth erosion

1.How long do I have to have braces or invisalign?

Although every case is different you can expect to wear braces anywhere from 6-months to 24 months, sometimes longer sometime shorter times than those

1. Do you use the laughing gas?

unfortunately our clinic does not use the laughing gas

1. How long will a cleaning, tooth extraction, implant, or crown treatment be?

We try to finish most of our procedures within 1hr and 1 hr and half, 

1. Why should i get a bridge and shave down 2 good teeth when i can get an implant

when both teeth on each side of the missing tooth are in bad shape, a bridge is a better option because you fix 3 teeth instead of just one with an implant

1.Why do my gums bleed

gums bleed due to a lack of proper brushing, infrequent or non existent flossing, once you start flossing and brushing regularly you gums should not bleeding anymore when brushing or flossing.

1. Why does my tooth hurt when everything looks good on the x-rays and exams ?

Painful teeth upon chewing are mainly caused by vertical fractures in the teeth, these fractures can sometimes be very tinny and are hard to diagnose on an x-ray or clinical exam, sometimes are crown can fix the problem, other times a root canal maybe necessary and sometimes the tooth maybe non-restorable (not fixable)

1. What causes bad breath ?

Bad breath is caused by lack of brushing and flossing teeth and tongue, most people may brush there teeth but most people do not brush there tongue,some foods and medication can also cause bad breath, this is why proper brushing is key